30 May 2007

AdVolcano: Cost Per Term Advertising

There is a new advertising network called AdVolcano. Advertisers pay for cost per term (CPT), a fixed rate for a set time. This CPT model is similar to classified ads in that you know what you are paying for ahead of publication. You may even choose the sites to run your advertisements versus having to settle for run of network placement, where you are not sure what sites are displaying your ad.

The CPT model is especially helpful to small marketers on a fixed budget. By using CPT, you avoid the inherent problems of pay per click (PPC) , such as click fraud.

Make the most of your internet advertising, let the professionals at AdVolcano, sponsor of this post, plan your next media buy free of charge, complete with a no-obligation guarantee.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Could be an interesting service, I should say. I hope the service does live to its promise. More power! Mabuhay!

CyberCelt said...

@the anitokid-Thanks for visiting my blog. Its always a bit of a gamble to join any new program, eh?

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