29 May 2007

My, My, My Generation. What's Yours?

The Generations
Millennials     13-24, also called Generation Y and Echo Boomers
Generation Next 16-25
Generation X 25-41
Boomers 42-60
Matures 61-75
What is with the deal with Generation Next and Millennials covering basically the same age group? What happens before 12 and after 76? I am fairly certain that many live to be 76, and I know we do not spring into existence when we turn 13.

Perhaps we ran out of labels. I would suggest Wired Ones for the under 13 group and Seasoned Ones for the 75+. I am SO glad they put another generation between me and the Seasoned Ones. LOL


Anonymous said...

I never took these labels seriously, but I don't mind being part of Generation X either.

Unknown said...

wired ones & seasoned ones! LOL

i'm not sure whether i'm an X or Next. Or maybe a millennial. Altho I feel more like a next. Despite always thinking that I was an X. But then maybe millennial might be more apt. Which does compare to an X except if...


CyberCelt said...

@website copywriter-How can you when no one is really certain where they stop and start. I do think I am a solid boomer, though.

@stev-LOL. That's my thought exactly.

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