17 May 2007

Monetize Your Blog Part 2

On the top right sidebar, you see the heading, Sponsors, followed by these two links:

17to40 has cheap car insurance

UK House Insurance

I was paid to place these links on three of my blogs for a period of one year. I found these advertisers through Money4Blogs.com, a site which appears to be down at this time.

However, the Money4Blogs site is run by Endsleigh, an independent intermediary that provides insurance and financial products. While browsing their website, I found that they have an affiliates program.

If you have a blog that fits the topic of insurance or financial services, especially if you are located in or have a readership from the UK, and you have a well-established blog with a decent page rank, you would want to sign up as an affiliate of Endsleigh.

Monetization Tip: Notice that I have placed my sponsors at the very top of the sidebar. If you are being paid for a link, you should feature that link prominently so that it is quickly located, easily read, and gets top billing on your sidebar. The advertiser expects this courtesy. If you are not crazy about the links, do not accept the pay and hide them in your sidebar. That is not honest or ethical.

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