25 July 2007

Behavioral Targeting and AOL Keywords?

To capitalize on the fast-growing online ad market, AOL, Yahoo, Google and others have resorted to purchasing online ad services companies.
  • Google is in the process of buying DoubleClick
  • Yahoo recently closed its acquisition of Right Media
  • In May, Microsoft announced intentions to buy digital marketing aQuantive Inc.
  • AOL acquired Third Screen Media and AdTech AG this year, and Lightningcast last year.
AOL purchased Tacoda for $275 Million. TACODA® Audience Networks™ was the first and largest behavioral targeting advertising network, and reaches more than 120 million people across 31 discrete audience segments every month.

Read the article: Advertising Age - Digital - AOL Acquires Behavioral-Targeting Shop Tacoda

From the article:
Targeted display advertising is expected to be a growing business. One reason: Behavioral-targeting technology is helpful for monetizing sites that aren't naturally commercial or contextual. For example, if a person is surfing an auto website and then moves to a national news site, a behavioral-targeting firm can detect that surfing history and serve up an auto ad on the news site, knowing this person is interested in cars.

Interested? Read more on BT here: articles on BT on Advertising for Success Blog.


Anonymous said...

Interesting plan... I can see how it would be beneficial to target the right people in the right places.

CyberCelt said...

@learn spanish-Thanks for stopping by. Targeting is the name of the game. I just wish the search engines would settle on one way or the other to calculate page rank and reach.

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