28 July 2007

How to Succeed at Blogging

Quality First! Use creativity and solid writing to keep your content fresh and to develop a strong following of readers. Check all posts that you write, for pay or otherwise, for broken links and outdated URLs.

Don't Sell Out! Give value. There is a difference between a blog of substance and a blog of subsistence; don't allow the sole purpose of your blog to be about making money. Once you cross this line, in our opinion, your blog will begin to deteriorate and will start to lose its value to advertisers.

Specialize and develop a niche. If you want to improve your blog and in turn make more money then you need to develop a niche. Be different. Blogs with targeted audiences are the most marketable. What do you love? Blog about that! Whether it is tying fishing lures, making stained glass, building furniture, or driving around in an RV, make it live and breathe for your readers.

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