29 August 2007

outside.in from Austin, Texas

Welcome to outside.in, a service that indexes content and uses geo-tagging to create ZIP-code-level databanks of searchable content, the best way to discover the people, places, and conversations in your community. Enter your city, neighborhood, or zip code in the field below the map, and start exploring your community.

outside.in currently tracks 3,350 neighborhoods in 54 cities. You can explore outside.in by entering location information into the field under the map, or just by dragging the map around. Zooming in and out also gives you a tighter or more expansive focus. As you explore, you'll encounter four major kinds of content: Neighbors, Places, Stories, and Comments.

Explore outside.in today. This is a perfect place to find out about a town you are going to visit, a neighborhood into which you hope to move, find entertainment options in a new town, you name it.

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