28 September 2007

David Airey Penalzied by Google for Paid Links

If you would like to see how having paid links on your blog may damage your search engine rankings, visit David Airey :: Graphic Designer blog.

Google search rank drop: advice needed - click to read complete blog entry

From the blog entry:
On Monday 10th September, I received 30% of my traffic from Google. I first noticed the search ranking drop on 20th September, and on Monday 24th September I received just 6% of my traffic from Google. Quite a decrease.
Here are some of my previous rankings in Google:

* #1 for ‘David Airey’
* 1st page for ‘graphic design edinburgh’ – important for local business, as described in my search ranking article
* 2nd page for ‘logo designer’ – I was almost on page 1, which would’ve been a boost for business

Here are my current rankings after Google affected the search results:

* Somewhere around #60 for my own name, ‘David Airey’
* Around #60 or #70 for ‘graphic design edinburgh’
* Similarly, around #60 or #70 for ‘logo designer’
This is a shame that Google penalized David for displaying advertising on his blog. Advertising is a major part of Google offerings, but only for a selected few, I guess. David says if you put "no follow" on the paid link, it may help. He took every bit of advertising off his blog.

So, if you need a graphic design or a logo designer, please visit David Airey :: Graphic Designer and tell him CyberCelt sent you.


Anonymous said...

That's very kind of you to refer your readers for logo design. I appreciate you mentioning my rankings drop, and it seems there are a number of factors that could've caused it, not simply the advertising.

Still, I realise it's against Google's terms of service to show ads with the 'follow' attribute in the links.

All the best.

CyberCelt said...

@david airey-You are welcome for the post. That is a bad thing to have happen to your business. If I could afford you, I would have you help me. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are some wildly dramatic changes in SERP. It sucks how taking a dip in google like that can hurt someone so much.

CyberCelt said...

@joseph perros-I rec'd an update and after David took off the paid links and asked for consideration, his search rank was restored. One of the problems was that he asked people to link to his blog with certain terms for his contest. That is a big no no.

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