27 September 2007

Sedona, Arizona is a Sacred Space

Red Rocks of SedonaSedona is a spiritual haven for many people. Due to the iron in the majestic red rocks, there are lines and vortexes of energy in and around Sedona. The energy, the red rocks, the flowing streams, and the evergreen trees combine to make this a sacred space to many.

Artists, spiritual healers, practitioners of zen meditation and crystal body workers flock to the Sedona area. If you wish to enhance your body, mind and soul, there is no better place to be than Sedona.

In and around Sedona are some of the most spectacular homes in the USA. If you are moving to Arizona, you will want to take a look at Sedona. Visit Arizona luxury real estate, sponsor of this post, and see some fine homes built in the desert of Sedona.

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Anonymous said...

My sister lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I like this country.

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