20 September 2007

Go, Go Google Gadget

This is a great article about a loophole in the Google gadgets service. Please read if you use any of these gadgets. Google Gadget Ventures has been funded to grant developers of popular widgets with seed money to $100,000, so you will be seeing more of these gadgets.

Google Gadgets a Phishing Scammers Dream?-read complete article

From the article:
So why in the world is Google letting people add Google gadgets to the gadget directory that ask for Google account username and passwords? Take the Your AdSense Revenue @ iGoogle gadget for example. Based on the notes on the gadget page, the source code of the gadget, and the information found on the gadget publishers website, I would say there is a good chance this is a phishing scam. If a person was to do a normal gadget search and add that gadget to their iGoogle homepage without clicking on the gadget detail, it looks very official.

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