13 October 2007

Golfing at PETSMART

We took our dog, Rags, to PETSMART today and he pranced around having a great time. All these women were coming up and loving on him and he was just the star of the store! We were there to purchase a dog bed. I have been trying to make him a bed, using blankets and pillows, but we decided to get him an authentic dog bed. They had all sorts of beds, but I wanted one with foam and fake sheepskin: a geriatric dog bed. I found one and then I bought a soft pillow to put on it. Now Rags has a bed almost as expensive as our Sleep by Number bed.

While we were there, we were looking at all the things they have for animals. Halloween costumes, boots, flotation devices, coats and capes, you name it. They had this strange looking closed basketball net with a tennis ball in it. You put the ball in it and swing it to send the ball flying. They also had a golf putter with a tennis ball. Michael was trying that one out. He was used to have a golf ball, so when he hit it, it went sailing and broke a ceiling light! The employees were so nice. They said things like that happen all the time. Luckily, there is a Lighting Showcase, sponsor of this post, located nearby.


SandyCarlson said...

Gotta love Petsmart's respect for its consumers! They have some crazy stuff in there. Now I know catapults are in vogue. I better check out what's in for guinea pigs and maybe make my way over to the Lighting Showplace to improve the ambience aruond the cage!

CyberCelt said...

@sandy carlson-They have an entire section for guinea pigs. It was incredible.

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