09 October 2007

Mobile Marketing and You

A study sponsored by the Online Publisher's Association was published on AdWeek (Consumers Eye Mobile Web, 03/08/07). This study, using TNS Sixth Dimension Interactive Panels in the USA, found that 71 percent of the 1000+ mobile users surveyed said they have web access protocol (WAP) on their cell phone and 40+ percent said they have used these services.

Approximately 58 percent of the respondents stated they were less than satisfied using the mobile phone to surf the web because of delays in accessing their carrier's wap site or difficulty in navigating the mobile website once they reached it. It appears there is a lot of work to be done to make mobile websites more user friendly, let alone monetize the service with advertising.

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Anonymous said...

phone web surfing sucks for me. i have a laptop so i dont need to surf the web with a tiny screen. the best i have seen do it is iphone.

Anonymous said...

I hate surfing the web on my phone. Whenever I do it is so slow that it reminds me of the painful days of dial up internet access.

I've gone Highspeed and want my phone surfing to catch up.

Jake Wright

CyberCelt said...

@israel-Thanks for stopping by.

@Jake-someday, perhaps.

davids said...

surfing with with phone is useful, of course we can't bring our laptop anywhere, anyplace but with phone we can do it.

Johan said...

The advantage of mobilephone is portability, even the performance is not as good as we want

Anonymous said...

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Hope this helps. Take care.


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