15 October 2007

Stop the Slaughter of the Gray Wolves

Instead of protecting wolves, the current administration is going to allow hundreds of wolves to be gunned down in cold blood.Below is the commercial that would bring attention to the awful process that will soon take place. The Grey Wolves only exist in certain areas and they are to be hunted down and cleared out of those remote areas. Make a donation or spread the word so that we can stop this. Do it today, please!

Click here to stop the slaughter
by donating whatever you can toward airing this ad on national TV

This post is in support of Blog Action Day 10/15/2007

How Can You Help?
Donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council


Blue Panther said...

Why would they massacre the wolves??
Just curious...

CyberCelt said...

@blue panther-it is not convenient that the gray wolves live. They get in the way of oil and gas well drilling on public lands.

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