02 October 2007

True Beauty Comes With Photoshop?

I had to find this video after posting the one below. I believe we must teach our children, girls and boys, that there is an impossible standard set for beauty or handsome in this country and that in trying to attain that standard, we lose what makes us unique.

When I was in college, I took a course in anthropology and we studied the beauty knows no pain philosophy of the Klgore Rangerettes. They are a precision drill team from Kilgore College in Texas. If you are interested in what beauty at any price can cost, you may want to read this article on the Kilgore Rangerettes.


Anonymous said...

That is a very scary video :( And it makes me sad to see how much women take on faith.

Anonymous said...

These days it's something which you can't go around anymore, Photoshop simply makes it so easy to work up any picture towards the ideal figure which people like to see that you're going to have to search well within magazines, billboards and even newspapers already to find pictures which are untouched.

TOMAS said...

That is just grand. The visual story is so eloquent.
What we see depends on the way we look at what we are watching.
PhotoShop may change the shapes we face, but in case we look with our heart, the girl was beautiful prior appearing on a banner and it looks fine on the transparent. When we recognize the essence of the beauty, the outward shapes cease deceit us - the roses smell otherwise than wild flowers, but they all share the same marvelous aroma of the flowers.
I would like to invite you to look at DVD of my artworks. I hope my pictures would correct my self-taught English and will make the picture clearer. Just click on the link http://trans4mind.com/karkalas
Thank you

Anonymous said...

WOW! The video is cool. But very sad when everyone thought that the model is real and beautiful, where it is just so fake.

SandyCarlson said...

True beauty comes with Photoshop is exactly right. I passed a bookshop window recently and a bio of Sophia Loren was on display. There she was with huge thighs and everything the Wonder Bra girls of today would kill themselves not to have. She is so complete in herself that she is just plain stunning. I stood there and stared and stared and walked away respecting her for her self respect. For her big, beautiful smile and those great thighs!

CyberCelt said...

@keira-Thanks for stopping by.

@slevi-I can understand "touching up" a photograph, but not total fabrication.

@tomas karkalas-Thanks for visiting and for your thoughtful comment. I looked at the trans4mind site. You are very talented.

@shannon-She was beautiful to begin with, just not perfect. I worry about what advertising does to the self image of girls and young women.

@sandy carlson-She is a beautiful woman and I am glad she displays herself for others to see.

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