18 November 2007

Comcast Under Fire for Blocking Access

On November 15, Jon Hart, represented by the San Francisco-based Lexington Law Firm, filed the suit in state court, asking for the court to stop Comcast’s bandwidth-shaping policies and for compensatory and punitive damages.

This class-action lawsuit against Comcast charges that Comcast's blocking of certain applications constitutes fraudulent and deceptive business practices and a breach of contract. On November 16, FCC was petitioned for a ruling in this matter.

Click to read World Wide Web - FCC Petitioned for Rules on ISP Throttling
Video provider Vuze, a company that distributes HD video using BitTorrent, has petitioned the FCC to take up the issue of whether ISPs such as Comcast should be permitted "unfettered discretion to restrict or block traffic carried on their networks" and to discriminate against services that they perceive as competing with their offerings.
For more information on Comcast, please view prior blog posts here and here.

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