14 July 2008

New Broadband Router and Modem

I was using an old Linksys router and Westel modem linked to an old eMachine running Windows ME for managing my DSL Internet assess. It had gotten where I spent more time trying to access the Internet than I did on it! Last week, I spent five hours trying to troubleshoot my home network. I would call my telephone company who supply the DSL and the modem and they would try a few things and then tell me to call Linksys.

Finally, I just asked the telephone company if they had a DSL modem and wireless router that did not have to be linked by Ethernet cables to each other and to a computer to work. Yahoo! For $4 extra a month, I now have a small combination modem/router that sits on my nightstand and works perfectly. I packed up that old router, modem and two eMachines and they are on their way to Goodwill.

Ahhhhh . . . technology. I love it when it works.


Anonymous said...

I had problems with slowness on a Westell modem from AT&T too. They sent a technician out, and after thirty minutes of trouble-shooting, he just replaced it with a nice new model. So much for working with what you've got. I'm glad to have working Internet most of the time, though.

CyberCelt said...

@richard-I did not know what I was missing. The $4 more per month is more than worth the aggravation I had with the other system.

Anonymous said...

Living in backward area in developing countries is just like a bad fate. Last year I moved to a bigger city and i have got all those facilities which I was needed. Do you believe that I spend almost 0ne year of my internet career on Dialup modem! That was horrible. I have a DSL Modem "Shiro" and it is the coolest thing in my life.

CyberCelt said...

@violin-believe it or not, I did not get DSL until 2000 and I have been online since 1984. Now, when I have to use dialup when I travel, I cannot believe how slow it is.

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