05 December 2007

Lost Innocence and Page Rank

Advertising for Success blog will be changing. A few weeks ago, I realized that this blog had lost page rank and was ranked PR2. After Thanksgiving, I realized it was ranked PR0.

This is disheartening because I have always been transparent with my blogging. I follow the blogging ethics of WOMMA. I disclose all sponsored reviews and do not recommend something I do not or would not use.

I used the Bad Neighborhood Text Link Tool to find out what might possibly be dragging my page rank down. I had linked to other bloggers and sites who had linked to sites that may be considered to be in bad neighborhoods. Many of the bad neighborhoods were links to or from Blogger!

Moderating comments has become a real chore with most comments NOT being aoproved. This breaks my heart because I am a Do Follow Blogger. However, as an early adopter of do follow, this blog has become a target for every scam site on the Internet.

Please note that I have started to add rel="nofollow" to most of the URLs on my blog. I had no idea that I was passing my page rank to other sites.

Blogger has started linking to profiles instead of blogs. There used to be an option to check "other" and put your URL in the comment. No longer.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

This is what a can of my website said:

Total Links found: 3491
Unique Links found: 3144
Questionable Links found: 5
Pages scanned: 40

Of those questionnable five links, only one was not legit - the rest were phrases that the tool decided were unacceptable, even though they were used in a responsible way.

CyberCelt said...

@Hey, Jayne-Thanks for stopping by. You have to use your own judgment, but I was amazed at some of the questionable links. Glad you found the tool useful. You have a cute cootieboy and cootiegirl! Have a blessed Christmas season.

Karen said...

Very interesting. I don't know how to add no follow to my disclosure and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I found your page through the forum. :-)

I doubt linking to bad neighbourhood links to be the main reason why most (including myself) are slapped with 0.

The plain simple truth is big G does not like paidposts with no-follow links. :-)

It's ironic that most people who got away from the Big G slap are those who do not disclose their sponsored posts are sponsored. I know 3P don't allow that, but there are many other companies who do.


SandyCarlson said...

I'm not sure I understand the technical aspect of all that's here. I blog for recreation only, so I don't pay attention to rank, etc. Perhaps I should? I'm wondering what makes a site questionable. Are they spam blogs or are they judged by some other criteria? Seems to me there could be some heavy-duty censorship involved in such evaluations. You're teaching me plenty, and I'll follow your progress as you post it! Thanks, and sorry for your hassle and disappointment.

CyberCelt said...

@karen-add rel="nofollow" to the links, inside the quote marks. So it would be [a href="http:url.com" rel="nofollow"]url.com[/a]

Change the [ to < and the ] to >.

CyberCelt said...

@helen-The bloggers who are honest and transparent got slammed. Oh well, we were warned. I just did not think they would really do it, I guess.

@sandy-I really did not care about page rank until they took it away. I thought it was something that existed somewhere other than at Google. If I have people visiting and linking to my blog, I thought the blog had value.

Unbalanced Libra said...

I feel your pain! I recently went from a blogspot URL to my own domain name. Hopefully this will help me out but until then, I am starting at the beginning!

CyberCelt said...

@unbalanced Libra-It makes it easier to switch to my own domain, that is for sure. Thanks for stopping by and for the link.

Anonymous said...

You say as follows", "Blogger has started linking to profiles instead of blogs. There used to be an option to check "other" and put your URL in the comment. No longer."
But I think still you can post URLs, and links. Check this.I post my views on nofollow page rank etc.
You may delete the link.

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