03 December 2007

Test your useless knowledge

The Media Guy at Ad Age has outdone himself! Simon Dumenco picks on Brittany Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Ann Coulter, the Spice Girls, Esquire Magazine and Carson Daly in his Media Guy Media Studies Pop Quiz.

Test your useless knowledge by clicking Can You Keep Your Train Wrecks and Has-Beens Straight?

Test question from the article:
After 16 years, telecom giant T-Mobile decided last week to stop sponsoring its professional cycling team because of cycling's unsavory connection to doping scandals. What other marketers are suddenly skittish, and what actions are they taking?

A. Verizon to sever all ties to "Can You Hear Me Now?" guy -- because of his unsavory affliction of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
B. Geico to sever all ties to cavemen -- because of unsavory connection to awful ABC sitcom.
C. Alcoholic Indian elephants to distance themselves from their supposed champion Paris Hilton -- on the advice of their William Morris agents.
D. Heroin Dealers Association of Britain to immediately distance itself from rocker/addict Pete Doherty -- for being just too damn pathetic and skeevy, even for them.
Did you hear? Brittany is pregnant again. If she was cat, she'd have been fixed by now. Too bad she cannot buy common sense with all that money she has.

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