20 December 2007

Word of Mouth Marketing

The number of people who have influence—because of their expertise, their passion and their connections, is predicted to increase with the opportunities for user-generated content and word of mouth marketing. Please visit CoolAdzine for Marketers and read Passionista? Influential Internet Persuader for more on this.

Or click here to read: Marketers Missing Out on Word of Mouth? - eMarketer

From the article:
eMarketer projects that, in 2007, 66 million adults will have shared advice about products and services and 27 million will exert influence online.

Bloggers are naturals for word of mouth marketing, but many bloggers have been penalized for writing reviews of products, websites and services for pay. I believe this is wrong and I subscribe to the Word of Mouth Marketing Ethics for Bloggers. However, full disclosure has left me with no page rank, penalized by G@@GLE for being transparent and honest in my blogging.

Bloggers who do not disclose were not penalized. Makes me wonder. Where is the justice? *Heavy sigh*

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