30 January 2008

Hillary in My Contacts List?

The youth vote is turning out for early primaries. The youth vote is the vote of the future, so political strategists should take heed of their current media habits.

In Politics, Web Surpasses TV for Under-30 Voters - Advertising Age - Campaign Trail
A survey by SS&K and Advertising Age of close to 2,000 New Hampshire voters just ahead of this year's primary showed that 40% of adults visited a candidate's home page on the web. And one in four visited a candidate's profile on one of those newfangled social networks.
One interesting finding is that 26 percent of those surveyed, regardless of age, visited a candidate's profile on a social-networking site (36 percent of those under 30 and 15 percent of those over 30).

The article stresses the important of television to the race, but I think the Internet may be closing the gap. Why would I listen to a debate when I can check their voting records, find their stance on controversial subjects, read and compare their environmental policies online?

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SandyCarlson said...

Excellent post, CyberCelt. I don't even know what a TV is anymore. Have you tried glassbooth.org to get the scoop on the candidates. A friend sent me the link last month, and I have been sending folks there to get the skinny on the candidates who support their issues of concern. It's very efficient.

God bless.

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