19 February 2008

Hold On To Your Social Dashboard

It seems like all the blogging communities are enhancing services with interactive features that will make them more like social networks. MyBlogLog announced last week that they were making major changes (read about MyBlogLog on CoolAdzine for Marketers).

This week, BlogCatalog announced the launch of a beta release of Social Dashboard, which will display your activities across the Internet to your network on BlogCatalog. All your blog posts, Diggs, Flickr photographs, music at Last.fm, Twitter talk and YouTube videos will pop up automatically on the Social Dashboards of all your BlogCatalog friends.

This could be a great tool or a real pain. New features are great when they are useful and protect your privacy. Cluttering my dashboard with who left a comment where, or who joined what neighborhood is not useful information to me.

The next step will be sharing more information. This is one reason I have a limited presence on FaceBook. There is such a thing as too much information, many things I really do not need to know.

Okay, Bumpzee, we are waiting on your announcement. Stay tuned.


Homedd said...

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Daniel said...

i have to agree about the clutter, thats why blogcatalog included a whole slew of settings to control who's updates you see and what types of updates you see. give it a try, we'd love to hear what you think.

daniel / blogcatalog.com

SandyCarlson said...

I always learn from your site. I appreciate all you do to make the latest info accessible and brief!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that I am too into a all-knowing device even if it is supposed to save me time.

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