29 February 2008

Where Do the User Generated Videos Go to Die?

Contests that feature user-generated video are popular. However, for every competition that captures the imagination and stimulates the creativity of Internet users, there are many that are soon forgotten. This ClickZ article takes a look at some of the elements that make for an effective consumer-generated video contest.

User-Generated Contests - ClickZ

From the article:
A UGV experience doesn't mean catering a program to video enthusiasts alone. Bear in mind a large number of people will never want to upload a video. But that doesn't mean they don't want to participate. Allowing easy ways for entry, such as rating, forums, and live chats around shows, will grow an audience tenfold over time. While the video participants may be the ones with the most face time in the storytelling experience, providing viewers the ability to shape a show through commenting, rating, and other methods allows for an overall richer experience and an audience that cares.
Good points in this article. I know that many paid to blog programs have offers to produce and enter user generated video contests. The videos are usually of low quality because they are time-constrained, low-paying and unimaginative opportunities. There is never any follow through on the part of the advertisers.

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