26 August 2008

What Would You Do For Money?

Money is tight and the bills are due. Dad's was laid off and they just repossessed the mobile home in which you live. Mom is walking the streets for milk money and Granny is digging recyclables out of dumpsters behind buildings.

Is there anything you would not do for money?

New Online Community Asks People What They Would Do For Money

GreedyPeople.com launches an on-demand service site that allows users to buy and sell traditional and non-traditional services while responding to member-issued challenges of, "What would you do for money?"

If you could imagine Elance, Facebook, Craigslist, The Moment of Truth and Comedy Central combined into a consumer-based web environment, you'd have a pretty close idea of what GreedyPeople is all about

North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) August 19, 2008 -- Would you wash a stranger's car in your bikini for $100? How about mow your friend's lawn in your wife's wedding dress for $250? What more would you do for an extra $500? GreedyPeople.com wants to know what people would do for money and the answers are an eye-opener.

Greedy Ad Campaign
Greedy Ad Campaign

Gas prices rise steadily and employment rates decline. Everyone seeks to ease the brunt of living costs while finding a way to make extra money. GreedyPeople.com offers a humorous and light-hearted way for average Joes and Janes to make extra cash or outsource unusual needs. From dropping off dry cleaning to peeling grapes in a panda suit, GreedyPeople.com provides users with the ability to negotiate ultimate desires and member-issued challenges.

The site is the brainchild of Chick Ciccarelli, CEO of MediaBuys LLC (managing agency for GreedyPeople.com). "In any economy, there are people who have money and people who need money. This is especially true in a recession. GreedyPeople.com simply brings those people together and allows them to have a little fun while also overcoming difficult circumstances," says Ciccarelli.

Traditional service websites often act as provider auction portals for small business outsourcing. GreedyPeople.com is designed to serve the average person with specific requests using one-on-one negotiations with others. "There are many places where you can find a typist, but what if you need something out of the ordinary? What if you need a singing telegram delivered, or you want 50 people to start picketing in a lawful demonstration by Wednesday? GreedyPeople.com is where people go to negotiate deals for normal and not-so-normal services."

Blend one cheeky service site with a powerful social networking engine, and you have a recipe for laughter. "If you could imagine Elance, Facebook, Craigslist, The Moment of Truth and Comedy Central combined into a consumer-based web environment, you'd have a pretty close idea of what GreedyPeople is all about," states Kyle Lindley, president of net-ARB.com, whose company will provide arbitration services for any greedy transaction disputes.

Ciccarelli notes that the site isn't just about the money. Creativity is encouraged, and there are monthly prizes for the Most Outrageous Offer. Visitors submit votes and the site keeps track of those who make the most money as well as send and receive the most offers. A list of the Greediest People on Earth is on public display, too.

While doing strange things to make extra money is hardly a new phenomenon, GreedyPeople.com's online service site is the first in which people can hawk their proverbial wares. Whether you're visiting to see what's on offer, what people will do for money or just interested in finding out exactly how materialistic our society has become, GreedyPeople.com is the kind of website you can't keep your eyes off.

While you're there, don't forget to "Make Me An Offer."


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Live Offers Open To The Public

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Offers Wanted Ads Open To The Public

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Greediest On Earth Open To The Public

About GreedyPeople.com

GreedyPeople.com is a very unique Social Network/Services Community where members can buy and sell services in a fun, often humorous, interactive entertainment environment. The site can be used to negotiate serious service-related needs and/or unique challenges between members. The site encourages transaction creativity within the limits of the law and makes every effort to provide a safe and secure experience for its members. GreedyPeople.com is a privately held company managed by MediaBuys, LLC.


Sign up today if you wish, but there is a bug in the software. Do not spend a lot of time filling out your profile because the site times out before you finish.


ldonovan said...

I kind of felt like this myself about 6 years ago; no job, overdue bills, behind in mortgage. When I started my home based business it took a while for things to start looking up. Spending money on advertising was a struggle, but using google adwords along with glyphius helped jump sales. It takes a long time to get back on your feet and really feel the success.

Anonymous said...

The site timed out because we were experiencing too many sign-ups at once. Just did not expect that many at once. We've fixed the problem now. Thanks. GreedyPeople.com Administrator

Anonymous said...

Captain Falcon says:
I would do just about anything for money. LOL

Anonymous said...

What would I do for money? Hmmmm. Interesting question! I definitely wouldn't do something for money that would hurt other people!

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