07 May 2009

Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

In January 2009, 63.2 million people accessed the mobile Internet using their cell phones and handheld devices. Thirty-five percent of these people (22.4 million) reported they used the mobile Internet on a daily basis. This is more than double the size of the mobile Internet users (10.8 million) in January 2008.

Males, 18-34-years-old, account for half of mobile Internet users. Females in the same age group are beginning to use the mobile web; with 40 percent accessing the mobile Internet at least once in January 2009.

From comScore: Mobile Internet Becoming A Daily Activity For Many
Those who visited social networking sites or blogs grew even faster--up to 9.3 million from 1.8 million a year ago. The number of mobile subscribers accessing financial accounts and movie information roughly tripled to more than 3 million, while the number of users accessing business news and directories more than doubled to 2.4 million and 5.5 million, respectively.

Is your blog mobile friendly? If not, you may want to develop a mobile version of your blog. It is quick and easy at MoFuse. Below the steps are numbered and illustrated.

Figure 1
  1. visit the site: http://mobifuse.com
  2. complete the short registration for blogs
  3. login for blogs

Figure 2

The first screen you see after login is shown above.
  1. enter your blog name
  2. decide on your .mobi URL and enter the name in the blank
  3. select a category for your blog
  4. type in a name for your RSS feed
  5. enter URL of blog feed -- the system will check to see if the feed is live
    -OR- skip this step for now
  6. check the boxes and click the Launch Your Mobile Site button

Figure 3

The next screen (above) has options for
  1. customizing the SMS widget
  2. downloading an automatic detect/redirect plug in (Word Press only)
  3. selecting a banner to publicize your new .mobi website.
    -OR- skip this step for now

Figure 4

Figure 4 above shows the screen on which you may customize your SMS widget colors to match your blog. The SMS widget is the best option for bookmarking your .mobi site. Generate, copy and paste the HTML code into your blog.

Add to Cell Phone

That is it! You are done! You may use a custom domain for your blog or opt to upgrade to a premium membership. However, if you want to be visible to over 60,000 mobile web users, get it up today!


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Izzy said...

This is very interesting I will have to check this out when I get the time.

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

Thank you for this wonderful tip. 2Witches is now active using MoFuse


Doina said...

This is a really useful piece of information. We just started our blog (well, not not just now but anyway) and we didn't really think of going mobile. I'm definitely considering this alternative now.

Thank you

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