07 July 2010

Bruce Willis Signature Scent Released

When I think of Bruce Willis I think of him covered in blood and gun oil, hollering, "Holly, Holly." I do not think of fragrance when I think of Mr. Willis.

Let me think, eau de Bruce might smell like a gym locker room, boxing club or car repair shop. Not to say anything bad about these places. However, the only place I can think of that would smell worse is a 14-year old's bedroom.

Oh, Bruce! What will it be next? Hair transplant club? Minerals for men? Exercise machine? Body moisturizer with oil?

We are losing our heroes. If Clint Eastwood starts hawking adult diapers, I will just give up.


Dylan.k said...

I really don't get it why every celebrity has to have a scent of its own.Regarding V.Wills for sure it's going to be a feisty scent

Free iPod said...

It seems every celeb needs a fragrance these days, even the male ones! Bruce Willis now, who next?


Jill said...

He is also completely bald and not particularly handsome in my opinion. Not something I would buy for my husband or son based solely on the name..

dizi izle said...

i love you Bruce Wills =)

Unknown said...

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Abecus said...

It's called "brand extension"... he's got a following and therefore a market.

People love celebrities to the point of idolatry... why not make even more money, right?

daniel tosh chicago said...

Best way of advertisement is I think print media.....

CyberCelt said...

@dylan.k-He will make money--for sure.

@ste-Your guess is as good as mine.

@jill-We all are growing old. I just found it funny because he is always covered in blood and grease. LOL

@dizi-me, too.

@ricky-nice looking blog you have. We have a lightweight travel trailer and have been looking for something to pull it with. We currently, have a huge black diesel truck.

@abecus-Thanks for sharing.

@daniel-That is right. Not everyone is online.

george said...

i like this guy.i have watched all movies of him over and over.

Ted said...

It is odd and totally out of character for him. But maybe he is just trying out something new. Oh well he can pull it off.

Bundt Cake Pan said...

Help, only for people who have used this product before

Brother toners said...

I am big fan of John Mclane.

But I never thought he'd be suitable for promoting male perfume.

Maybe the military/police is the main target for this product. Staying fresh while in a car chase/operation or whatever.

That's a big market to get if you ask me. LOL!

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