10 April 2011

Have your mortgage paid by an advertising company!!

Billboard HouseHouse Billboard

Adzookie.com, a mobile advertising company, is turning houses into billboards. They paint the outside of your house, except for the roof, the windows and awnings. Your house must remain painted for at least three months and the contract may be extended up to a year.

If you cancel after three months or they cancel the agreement with you, they will repaint your house back to the original colors. They pay your mortgage every month your house remains painted.

Sign up to have your house painted and mortgage paid here: AdZookie.com, If nothing else, you will receive $1000 in mobile advertising credit so you can spend it advertising your business on smartphones.


Mia said...

That's ingenious and very profitable for clients. I wouldn't mind to have my house painted and gain some income.

Autor said...

Advertising gets more sick everytime I cross upon a new advertising method! I would never ever let them spraypaint my house :-)
anyway... good idea and great post!

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joomla site development said...

It may be profitable for client. Anyway, it is really good to read you post. Thanks for sharing it.

cna training said...

Taking advertising to the next level I guess. If I had trouble paying my mortgage, I would definitely take advantage. I wonder if it still works if you do not have trouble with your mortgage and simply want to make extra income.

Unknown said...

Love this, out of the box thinking.

Dont know how I would feel as a neighbor.Well if you cant beat em Join em.



women's clothing said...

Affiliate marketing is best for seo guys..

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