11 July 2011

First Lady Betty Ford Died on Friday

Betty Ford, 
First Lady, 
Republican Feminist, 
Breast Cancer Survivor, 
Addict and Alcoholic,
American Heroine

  • Betty Ford always spoke her mind. She spoke publicly about breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy. 
  • She worked to support the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • She was pro-choice, saying that having babies should be a “blessing, not a duty."
  • Her openness about her dependency on pills and alcohol changed the national discourse on addiction and opened doors to treatment centers for thousands of Americans. 
Rest in peace, Betty Ford, your work is done.  You will be missed by many.  The sadness in my heart is that many will never know you for the heroine you were.


Harry Hilders said...

Rest in peace.

Mel Lifshitz said...

May her soul rest in peace.

Security In Your home said...

Thank You for this informative blog. As many would love the outlook and how smooth it looks.

George said...

May her soul rest in peace. Condolences to the Ford family..

MarilynRoberts said...

We will pray for her soul... :-(

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