15 March 2012

Not thinking about utilities

Contributed by Milford Woods

I did not realize how glad I would be to come across this website, wildbluedeals.com, for satellite Internet deals. I was just looking at different companies and what services they offer. Then I was looking at jobs in the area and saw an advertisement that led me to the page. It was pretty good timing considering I was ready to move to a new house in a week and still did not have many things set up like Internet. I am not sure when people typically set those sorts of things up when they are moving, but I felt like I was so behind! I do not think I had even packed a single box. Honestly, I did not even think about setting all the services and utilities up in depth until I came across that link. Then I started to panic a bit. My husband helped calm me down. He went through the page with me to make sure it was worth getting into. Then he took off the rest of the week from work to help me. That was really the highlight about moving.

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