11 April 2012

Yet Another Google Update

2012 Updates

Have you ever wondered how SEO experts keep up with the changes to the Google search  algorithm? I found this helpful breakdown of Google updates at SEOMOZ. The changes listed below took place during approximately a two-month period. It makes me wonder if the Google has the worst or the best product in the world . . .

Search algorithm has taken search engine optimization (SEO) out of the hands of mere mortals.  I remember when page names and meta tags were the new thing.  Until someone comes out with Cliff's Notes to search engine marketing (SEM), I think I will have to pass.

March 50-Pack - April 3, 2012 Google posted another batch of update highlights, covering 50 changes in March.

Panda 3.4 - March 23, 2012 Google announced another Panda update.

Search Quality Video - March 12, 2012 Google published a rare peek into a search quality meeting.

Panda 3.3 - February 27, 2012 Google rolled out another Panda update.

February 40-Pack (2) - February 27, 2012 Google published a second set of search quality highlights at the end of the month, claiming more than 40 changes in February.

Confused, yet?

Venice - February 27, 2012 This local update appeared to more aggressively localize organic results and more tightly integrate local.

February 17-Pack - February 3, 2012 Google released 17 search quality highlights.

Ads Above The Fold - January 19, 2012 Google devalued sites with too much ad-space above the fold.

Panda 3.2 - January 18, 2012 Google confirmed a Panda data update.

Search + Your World - January 10, 2012 Google announced a radical shift in personalization - aggressively pushing Google+ social data and user profiles into SERPs.

January 30-Pack - January 5, 2012 Google announced 30 changes over the previous month.


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