12 December 2006

Another Flog Brought to You by Zipatoni

Ad Freak spotted another fake blog (flog), brought to you by Sony and Zipatoni ad agency.
All I Want for Christmas Is a PSP pretends to be a fan blog (run by a guy named “Charlie,” who says he’s helping his buddy Jeremy get a PSP for Christmas), but it’s a poorly disguised marketing effort—the URL is registered to Zipatoni. . . . “Charlie” keeps posting his denials, in pseudo hip-hop speak. More than once he writes, “yo where all u hatas com from... juz cuz you aint feelin the flow of PSP dun mean its sum mad faek website or summ... youall be trippin.” Pathetic. . .
Adrants has quite a bit to say about the fake blog (flog) that ad agency Zipatoni has set up for Sony PSP

Now take fake blogs. You've heard of them. Edelman knows all about them. They are the things marketers seem to think are the holy grail of this new social media thing. Let's get down with our customers. Let's "join the conversation." Trouble is, a fake blog - one that pretends (badly) to be all hip hop on our ass - is like an idiot that shows up at a black tie event wearing American Eagle cargo shorts and a t-shirt. The natural reaction to that is, "Who the fuck is that idiot?"

I just have one thing to say, floggers are damned. The name of Edelman is already written on the wall of hell, and I just consigned Zipatoni and Sony to the same fate. It is an insult to us, potential customers and fellow marketers, to lie, plagiarize, playact, pretend, and scam us with some fake blog written by an advertising agency.

Honesty is not optional and deception is always exposed. Ask Edelman, ask Zipatoni.

Hey, big time ad guys: if you need a set of blog ethics, you can use mine. You might also want to view and use the disclosure. On the other hand, you can remain in hell for all I care.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah how stupid do they think we really are...

Happy belated C&C monday by the way... hope you have a good week.

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