23 January 2007

The Case of the Plummeting Page Rank

Yahoo! Search blog has confirmed that a search engine indexing update started Friday, January 19. Combined with the recent backlink and page rank update by Google, this could spell major trouble for many website and blog owners.

Page ranks are dropping and webmasters are flocking to the unofficial Google SEO blog and Yahoo! Search Blog for answers.

The only answer to be found is to use white-hat SEO techniques (good title, rich content, current sitemap, judicious use of robots.txt file and headings (h1); and, of course, use only pristine inbound links).

Bad news is that paid links, paid or sponsored pages and posts, and SEO games may cause your page rank to drop. Worse, some good pages may just be dropped from indexing completely in the process. Best case scenario is that all your website pages may be classified as supplemental. Other irritating tidbits are that toolbar page rankings are not current, the indexing process is ongoing and that there are no guarantees.

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Anonymous said...

hiya, just to let you know I signed up for payperpost using the url you left on my site, it did however ask for your email address which I didnt have. Hope you still get the referral. take it easy


Rosemary said...

One of our blogs went from PR5 to PR4, but I don't have a clue as to why. Oh well....

It's comforting, but not helpful, to know I'm not the only one that happened to.

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