07 June 2007

Ack! Spyware Hiding in My Registry

I will never forget the first time I experienced spyware. I was working for a university, and one of our servers at the center was hacked. We had eight websites on that server. At first, we thought it was a virus. Then we believed we had successfully quarantined the virus. Then I noticed that the server was communicating with off campus computers. We shutdown that server down and switched to the backup server. Then, we had to monitor the backup server for any suspicious activity. It took 2 days to get the primary server cleaned up and online again.

A few days later, I noticed the computer in my office was acting wonky. I ran antivirus scans, but could not find anything wrong. Finally, I Stumbled Upon the website of Webroot Software, sponsor of this post. I used the online scan and found spyware hiding in my registry.

Spyware can compromise your privacy and corrupt your computer. You really need anti-spyware protection like Spy Sweeper from Webroot Software, sponsor of this post, to block spyware from entering your computer. Spy Sweeper can even find and eradicate spyware using root kit technology to hide in your registry or systems files.

Spy Sweeper software has been winning awards for the past two years. Now, for a limited time, the software is on sale. Backed by free tech support and customer service, you cannot go wrong.

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