08 June 2007

No COPS show filming for Austin PD

I personally think it would be a good idea. Someone needs to be checking on some of the cops. We do not have a problem like LA, but it is upsetting. There is a lot of racial tension in Austin because a cop shot a young man in the back, twice. This happens more often than it should. It was one of the reasons for the dismissal of the last police chief.
"One of the things in our policy is we don't shoot at fleeing suspects," Ellison said. "We don't shoot at cars fleeing cars. You have to know that you're in danger for your life or someone else's. If it looks that someone is running away from you, then that person may not be a danger. So if it looks he shot him in the back, and he's running away, then of course it looks inconsistent with policy.

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