16 July 2007

Marketing Madness and Sticky Stuff

Google and other search engines will have to redo their page ranking algorithm, while marketers pull their hair out and bang their heads against the wall. Just when we thought it was safe to optimize our websites; once again, we have found that the rules change.

Search Insider » Blog Archive » Word To Nielsen: Brand Matters Less Than You Think- read article.

From the article:
Last Tuesday, Nielsen/NetRatings . . . announced a key change to its Top Web Brands rankings. Dropping the page view as its chief criterion, Nielsen is now focused far more on the time visitors spend on the site (”total minutes”) to measure site engagement.

I would like to shoot the person who came up with the word engagement. We do not want to marry our visitors, we want them to stay for awhile and then go away. I remember websites with frames; in fact I designed a few. Heck, you did not have a prayer of getting off those websites without a guide book. LOL

Why don't we just tell it like it is? To use an old-school term, we want a sticky website. Sticky in that it sucks visitors in, glues them on site, and does not release them to other websites (unless that is exactly where we want them to go).

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