17 July 2007

Renting Out a Second Home is a Hassle!

After Michael and I were married, we had two homes for a couple of years. We were torn between fixing up his old house and selling it or just renting it out. We put a classified advertisement in the paper and waited for people to call. Then we waited for them to show up to see the house. Then we waited for them to return the rental application. As you can see, we waited around and wasted a lot of time. We finally to just decided to paint it and sell it.

It is not always easy to find quality tenants for your rental property. However, I have since then found Rentals.com, a rental solution that takes all the pain out of renting your property. Whether you are looking to rent your single-family home, an apartment, a condominium or a town home, Rentals.com can help you. They even handle vacation rentals!

Rentals.com uses their relationship with ApartmentGuide.com and RentalHouses.com to create a single website that includes all the single-family rentals and multi-family housing from large apartment complexes on a one-stop portal for finding and renting property.

Rentals.com has over 3 million searches on their site every month. If you are not satisfied at the end of the month, they will give you your money back! It is extremely easy to sign up with Rentals.com. The hardest part will be deciding if you want a standard, feature or premiere listing!


Dugdale said...

I disagree with this pay for post thing. It is not fair to people like me that can't dish out $11-$14 a link.

CyberCelt said...

@dugdale-Thanks for visiting and commenting. You may get other links for free simply by requesting that other blogs link to your blog. One thing I noticed is that your comment is not linked to a blog or a profile. I could not add your blog if I wanted to.

Dugdale said...


Thanks for stopping by. The issue I have is you are getting paid to artificially inflate Rentals.com rankings by not placing a nofollow on their link to the site.

I understand you want to get paid, but why not do it by not passing credit?

I am not sure why my url is not working in the link.

CyberCelt said...

@dugdale-The no follow is something I do for everyone who comments on my blog and whom I write about. It is my personal choice to spread the page rank.

Unfortunately, your blogger profile is private, so your no follow link does not go to your blog.

Anonymous said...

I had a rental house once... it was the worst experience I've ever had!

Steer Clear!!!

CyberCelt said...

@bryan-It seemed like more than I wanted to cope with at the time. Thanks for stopping by.

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