12 January 2008

Microsoft in feeding frenzy

This week, Microsoft announced the acquisition FAST Search & Transfer for $1.2 billion. It appears that the software giant Microsoft may be trying to define its new identity as a major player in the ad serving, social networking, digital marketing and advertising game, as well as keeping its big four search engine status.

Read Aaron Goldman's post on Search Insider » Blog Archive » Did Microsoft Just Pull A FAST One?
In the past few months, Microsoft has been on a tear, signing a $500 million multi-channel deal with Viacom and inking a deal for CNBC to be its exclusive third-party ad reseller. And with its $240 million investment in Facebook and $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive last year, it's clear Microsoft is not satisfied with mere organic growth.
How Microsoft is going to turn these diverse entities into one cohesive strategy for the future is your guess.


Unknown said...

was interesting to see the way they proceeded to move into what they feel is the next area of future growth

sort of like how gates almost missed out on the internet earlier by thinking the cdrom would be the next in thing once upon the time. just a guess that maybe that thought still helps fuel decisions even today?

CyberCelt said...

@stev-I heard that Gates is retiring. Must be some up and coming person making decisions now.

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