12 August 2008

Fox Making Money on My Space?

Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is made up of a number of websites, including MySpace, AmericanIdol.com, PhotoBucket and FOXSports.com. Fox Interactive Media generated revenues of $856 million in fiscal 2008, missing the 1 billion target goal set by parent company, News Corp. News Corp. does not publicly disclose how much of FIM's revenues come from MySpace, but insiders estimate about 80 percent. Caclulations find MySpace earning $685 million in revenues for the fiscal year.

Monetizing MySpace Traffic - eMarketer

From eMarketer analysis:
. . . an eMarketer analysis of FIM US revenues versus unique visitors shows that FIM is getting better at monetizing its traffic. eMarketer estimates that the US accounts for 80% of total FIM revenues. That puts US revenues at FIM at $180 million in the June quarter, up 23% from $146 million in the same quarter in 2007. By contrast, the average number of monthly unique visitors in the US grew just 6.6% in the same time period, according to eMarketer's analysis of comScore Media Metrix data.
In Q2 2007, FIM earned roughly $0.59 in average monthly revenue per US unique visitor. In Q2 2008, average monthly revenue per US unique visitor was $0.68, or an increase of 15 percent. Monetization has fallen off since late 2007, when average monthly revenue per unique visitor reached $0.75.

Monetization is accomplished with behavioral targeting, called HyperTargeting initiative. Display ads are targeted based on information users divulge in their profiles. One-half of all ad buys now include HyperTargeting. For the last two quarters CPMs for HyperTargeting campaigns have been more than double those for nontargeted advertising,.


Anonymous said...

Whoa that's alot of money per a year... What more does a company want then to make 700 million dollars per a year off one website. Looks like fox is going to focus more on the online business then the offline

Anonymous said...

hemmm.. i imagine i own that sitee :)

Anonymous said...

I did not yet try myspace as blog, because myspace according to me was better was used to look for the friend than looked for money,

entrecard lovers comm.!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the creators of Myspace have anything to do with the company now? I am sure they feel they should have held onto the company a little longer. It looks like Murdoch made back his investment rather quickly!

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