29 October 2008

Press Release as Marketing Tool

According to the Executive Summary of a study conducted by Fellows of the Society for New Communications Research into a new communication tool used by public relations and marketing professionals alike.

The respondents' top goals for online press releases indicated that the traditional goals of increasing an organization's visibility and credibility and announcing news are now almost equally as important as new goals that include reaching customers directly, creating online content, and search engine optimization (SEO).

The most frequently mentioned criterion for evaluating the success of online press releases was:

  • The number of times the release has been republished on websites (79.6 percent)
  • The number of times the release has been viewed online (76.8 percent)
  • An article based on the release (75.4 percent)
  • Media interview requests as a result of the release (74.2 percent)
For more information download this white paper.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With the top 2 reasons being non-traditional media related, the emphasis is moving from releases that target the media to releases that are designed to be read by the consumer or prospect.

Often referred to as 'news releases' as opposed to press releases this kind of direct to consumer release is gaining popularity and can have a huge benefit for SEO and human traffic back to your site

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