02 November 2011

In The Market for Premium Websites?

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Marketing Your Website

I have a website that has been in operation since 2003. I have thought about selling it, but it is hard to determine market value and I do not know exactly how to handle the transaction. I also received offers for another website that I did not take seriously. I have seen websites for sale on auction and classified ad sites, so I know it must be difficult to sell your website.

Buying Websites

Looking around for help in selling a premium websites, I found Rouper.com.  It is easy to use their website. You may search websites for sale by listing attributes, such as listing type (direct sale, auction) or price ("buy it now" option, reserve price) or by website attributes (traffic, ranking, age of domain, website age, net profit, gross sales, monetization methods and top level domain).

Selling Websites

Selling a website is almost as easy. First, you create a detailed description of your property, including the attributes discussed  under Buying Websites. Next, you set a beginning price for private offers and a reserve price or a "buy it now" price for public bids. Of course, you are also responsible for keeping the website online during the auction


The basic fee for listing your website is $49.  You may add listing embellishments if you wish to make your listing stand out.  When the website sells, you will pay five percent of the sales price, sans taxes, as a success fee. The minimum success fee is $100. Alternately, you may pay a $499 success fee when you list your website. This is helpful if you think your website will sell for over $2000.


If you want to sell your website, list the site before November 9, 2011 and use coupon FX7O0NP8. With the coupon, you may list your premium website for $1 and Rouper will also waive the success fee on any listings created using this coupon.

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Kashmir Tourism said...

Marketing of website is increasing day by day.user can buy the website and selling the website is also done by designer & developer.

Jayneel Patel said...

There are a lots of company who are taking the franchise to sell and buy the websites. By consulting them one can get the solution to get the business by their website. Internet marketing is really growing today!

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