10 October 2007

AlmondNet BT purchase-intent data

National Ad Force to Distribute AlmondNet Behavioral Ads - MarketingVOX - click to read entire article

AlmondNet just announced a strategic Partnership with National AdForce, an interactive online advertising sales company. The partnership will allow the re-sale of AlmondNet’s BT purchase-intent data. (Can we say Gold Mine?)

From the article:
AlmondNet utilizes a process called "Post-Search behavioral targeting" to drive targeted display advertising to US and UK users across 40 demographic segments. Each user hosts a cookie that divulges recently-demonstrated purchase-intent to the ad firm.
Tip of the hat (thanks)
Beth Schechner from TrylonSMR

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cheap broadband said...

This is an informative post for the advertisers.By means of this alignment with National AdForce company,the sales will be boost up a most.Great news for BT prooviders.

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